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Diversity in Air and Space

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Greetings, from the Astronomy Intern here at the National Air and Space Museum! I will admit that despite being the Astronomy Intern, I am not a science person by background.  In fact, my experience is in world literature, history, and multicultural advocating.  So what am I doing here, you ask? Well, for professional reasons, my   …Continue Reading

The Envelope, Please

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Balancing access and preservation is a continuous problem in every archive. The Museum’s Archives Division’s mandate is two-fold; to make collections accessible for researchers, and to preserve the collections for future generations. These two goals came into conflict while processing the Lee Ya-Ching Collection. Lee Ya-Ching (1912-1998) was a Chinese aviatrix. During World War II   …Continue Reading

Shooting the Beach

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May 6th, 1944 – one month to the day before D-Day – German troops scatter for safety as Lt. Albert Lanker of the 31st Photo Reconnaissance Squadron flies fast and very low over the beach in “Outlaw”, his F-5 Lightning (a variant of the Lockheed P-38 fighter). Lanker’s job was to photograph the beach obstructions   …Continue Reading

The View from the Tail Turret

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NASM 9A04899 When Eighth Air Force gunner Art Krieger turned his camera on one of the other Consolidated B-24 Liberators in his squadron’s formation, he probably didn’t realize he was making a self-portrait. Swathed in heavy flight gear, his oxygen mask firmly in place in the thin air at an altitude of 20,000 feet, Krieger’s   …Continue Reading