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Young visitor designs her very own kite at the Kites Family Day. SI2008-2793Every year, the Smithsonian holds a huge Kite Festival on the National Mall.  The weekend prior to the festival, the National Air and Space Museum has a Kite Family Day where kids and their families can make their own kites, learn how to fly them, and watch indoor kite flying demonstrations.

I often search the web to find out what visitors are filming, photographing, blogging and tweeting about the Museum.  I found lots of images and videos of the outdoor Kite Festival, but one of our educators found this great YouTube video which captures the fun of the indoor Kite Family Day in 2008.


We are so glad our friends at Wings Over Washington created this!

Did you attend the Kite Family Day or the Smithsonian Kite Festival this year?  Leave a comment and tell us about it!

P.S. Keep sharing your thoughts about the National Air and Space Museum using your favorite social media outlet. We just might blog about it!

Vicki Portway is head of Web & New Media at the National Air and Space Museum.

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