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Why Do People Persist in Denying the Moon Landings?

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In the summer of 2009 the United States celebrated the fortieth anniversary of the first Moon landing, Apollo 11. Amidst all of the hoopla virtually every news story, especially in the electronic world, made some comment about a supposedly rising belief that humans have never landed on the Moon.  Why?

Buzz Aldrin

This image of Buzz Aldrin saluting the U.S. flag on the Moon in 1969 is often used by Moon landing deniers as evidence that the landing was filmed on Earth, because the flag appears to be waving in the breeze, and we all know there is no breeze on the Moon. When astronauts were planting the flagpole they rotated it back and forth to better penetrate the lunar soil (anyone who’s set a blunt tent-post will know how this works). Of course the flag waved—no breeze required!

Of course, from almost the point of the first Apollo missions, a small group of Americans have denied that it had taken place. This group seems to be expanding as the events of Apollo recede into history. Aided by a youth movement that does not remember what went down in the Apollo era and for whom distrust of government runs high, it is among that cadre of Americans where those who are skeptical have proliferated. Jaded by so many other government scandals, these younger members of society whose recollection of Apollo is distant to begin with finds it easy to believe the questioning they see on myriad Moon hoax web sites. Lack of understanding of science and failure to employ critical analytical skills make them more susceptible to this type of hucksterism.

There has been considerable research on the parts of society that embrace conspiracy theories of all types. Arguing that conspiracism writ large represents a fundamental part of the political system, legal scholar Mark Fenster claims in Conspiracy Theories: Secrecy and Power in American Culture (Minnesota, 2008), that such conspiracies represent “a polarization so profound that people end up with an unshakable belief that those in power ‘simply can’t be trusted’.”

At the time of the first landings, opinion polls showed that overall less than five percent “doubted the moon voyage had taken place.” Fueled by conspiracy theorists of all stripes, this number has grown over time. In a 2004 poll, while overall numbers remained about the same, among Americans between 18 and 24 years old “27% expressed doubts that NASA went to the Moon,” according to pollster Mary Lynne Dittmar. Doubt is different from denial, but this represents a trend that seemed to be growing over time among those who did not witness the events.

Perhaps this situation should not surprise us. A lot of other truly weird beliefs exist in society. Apollo 17 astronaut Harrison Schmitt has been philosophical about this turn: “If people decide they’re going to deny the facts of history and the facts of science and technology, there’s not much you can do with them. For most of them, I just feel sorry that we failed in their education.”

While it is inappropriate for us to take this denial seriously and opinion surveys show consistently that few do, for those raised in the postmodern world of the latter twentieth century where the nature of truth is so thoroughly questioned it is more likely to gain a footing.

The media, especially, have fueled doubts over the years. While this may not be viewed as a definitive statement, a child’s bib I have seen places the blame squarely on the media’s back. It reads: “Once upon a time people walked on the moon. They picked up some rocks. They planted some flags. They drove a buggy around for a while. Then they came back. At least that’s what grandpa said. The TV guy said it was all fake. Grandpa says the TV guy is an idiot. Someday, I want to go to the moon too.”

No question, the February 2001 airing of the Fox special Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon? changed the nature of the debate. In this instance a major network presented a conspiracy scenario without any serious rebuttal that might have been offered. As USA Today (April 9, 2001) reported in the aftermath of the show: “According to Fox and its respectfully interviewed ‘experts’—a constellation of ludicrously marginal and utterly uncredentialed ‘investigative journalists’—the United States grew so eager to defeat the Soviets in the intensely competitive 1960s space race that it faked all six Apollo missions.”


President John F. Kennedy in his historic message to a joint session of the Congress, on May 25, 1961 declared, “…I believe this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth.” Shown in the background are, (left) Vice President Lyndon Johnson, and (right) Speaker of the House Sam T. Rayburn.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans made it possible to reach the Moon. This launch of Apollo 11 represents one of the most watched events in human history. It defies credulity that so many people could have perpetrated such a hoax.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans made it possible to reach the Moon. This launch of Apollo 11 represents one of the most watched events in human history. It defies credulity that so many people could have perpetrated such a hoax.

The Fox show raised the profile of Moon landing deniers. And it sparked considerable response. Marc Norman at the University of Tasmania quipped, “Fox should stick to making cartoons. I’m a big fan of The Simpsons!”

Whereas NASA had refrained from officially responding to these charges—avoiding anything that might dignify the claims—the Fox show demanded that it change its approach. After the Fox program first aired, NASA released a one-paragraph press release entitled, “Apollo: Yes, We Did,” that was minimalist to say the least. It also posted a NASA information sheet originally issued in 1977 to readdress some of the concerns and pointed people with questions to various Internet sites containing responses. NASA officials added, “To some extent debating this subject is an insult to the thousands who worked for years to accomplish the most amazing feats of exploration in history. And it certainly is an insult to the memory of those who have given their lives for the exploration of space.”

Denials of the Moon landings appropriately should be denounced as crackpot ideas. I look forward to the time when we return to the Moon and can tour “Tranquility Base” for ourselves.

Roger D. Launius is a senior curator in the Space History Division of the National Air and Space Museum.

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92 thoughts on “Why Do People Persist in Denying the Moon Landings?

  1. If it real how? How do we not go back again? Are government doesn’t care about money so why not back? Also the suit they wore was enough to use and even now we don’t have the technology in the suit. Outside it is below 200 degrees without sun. With sun its over 200 degrees. We have no suit that can keep a human alive with that. Weird I’m sure in the 60s

  2. Phil I think you need a little education. Many people deny things because they don’t know how something works. The us went to the moon six times. All real, not fake, you just need to learn more about the space program.

  3. Never underestimate what a lack of education can do! People that deny the moon landings, are not all dumb lunatics, but they are all wrong. There is zero evidence of a hoax, and plenty of evidence to support the landings. Most hoaxers tend to believe conspiracy sites filled with wrong information and outright lies. They believe all the stuff on sites, but ignore the evidence and facts. Strange. Some people just have their minds made up , and no one will ever convince them. When someone is uneducated about a subject, they find some things impossible, but one a hoaxer learns about how we made it to the moon, things become easier once you learn how it was done. Most are hoax believers, are people from foreign countries with little or no understanding. Of the space program , so they deny it. Not everything is a conspiracy.

  4. I’m just wondering. In the photo of the astronaut descending the ladder on the dark side of the lander, how is he illuminated where the shadow on that side is black. Shouldn’t he also be a dark silhouette instead of well defined and bright? Physicist Kaku said the flag was made of tin foil bent to resemble the flag waving. Somehow I never heard that theory.

  5. The plasma in the “belts” is very hot, up to 3000 degrees. Steel melts at 3000 degrees. As far as radiation, you would need a capsule with 4 foot thick lead walls to protect from that intense radiation. Also, why did NASA produce a video touting their “Orion” mission -2012-2014 to study the Van Alan Radiation Belts to make sure it is safe to send a human through it. Until then they cannot send anyone through it. It would be a one-way trip. I don’t mush-out my brains with video games and any other technological mind-stupifying device.
    Just asking.

  6. Mindy, always remember the earth is not the moon. The reason the astronaut is illuminated is the moon dust is reflecting light off the lunar surface. The reason they didn’t need feet of steel on the lunar lander to protect them from the van Allen belts, is the scientists pinpointed the thinnest parts of the belts, and just went though it fast enough to not cause the astronauts any harm. Many hoaxers tend to over estimate the radiation in space, which is one reason why some are skeptical. Most just need to be better educated.

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  8. Hmmmm, interesting Then why do dentists place a lead shield over your chest when they x-ray your teeth? There was never mention of any lead used, at all, on the spacecraft. I would think there is a lot more radiation in those “Belts” then in a dentist chair, where an x-ray lasts only seconds. Also, how were they able to film Armstrong disembarking from the craft with the camera way out from the craft? How did the camera get way out there on it’s own? And why did Rumsfeld and Kissinger, with Nixon’s blessings, say they would need to do a pre-filming of the stepping on the moon because there was no other way to capture this event? And how was it that, if that were the case, that it was filmed on earth first, that the quality, or lack of, was identical to the quality of all other films of the six moon walks? In the 70’s I had the privilege of escorting James Irwin through Disneyland (as his VIP tour guide) and he was very hesitant to answer any questions about his walk on the moon. The one question he did answer was, “What was it like to look down on earth from so far away?” and his answer was, “It made me realize how small my problems really were.” He was the calmest person I’ve ever met. I did a test on the lighting thing and could find nothing that could possibly convince me that on the moon, the moon dust would reflect as bright as the sun. Hmmm? Not convincing me.

  9. There are lots of interesting things mindy. All six moon landings are genuine. There is plenty of indisputable evidence to support the landings. They are a fact of history. Many people simply do not understand physics, photography, and the nasa program, so of course some are skeptical, but some do not believe what they don’t understand. The radiation from the van Allen belts can be dangerous, but scientists carfully calculated the faster and weakest points to pass through, with minimal radiation, plus the ship protected them from harm, they didn’t need feet of metal to protect them as for the camera it was connected to the leg of the lunar module, and Armstrong lowered it before he walked on the moon, it was controlled remotely on earth. And when the astronauts went to walk on the moon, it was attached to their suits. Remember the moon dust is about 10 percent reflective, and also it was daylight on the moon, people forget that part. All of this is fact and you can look it up for yourself. There was no conspiracy, as some would love to believe, the astronauts had plenty of time on earth to practice for the moon, this was one of mans greatest achievements. It really is a shame people deny history, they might as well say the sky isn’t blue, or the earth is flat. People just aren’t educated enough, and so some conspiracy theorists come up with their crazy ideas and misinterpretation s of facts. Remember, there are tons of pictures, moon rocks, and hundreds of hours of video.s, of course hoaxers will all say it is fake lol. Here’s something good…… Watch the moonrover as it kicks up dust, the dust goes up, and falls down without forming dust clouds. Why? They are in a vacum, which means there is no air. That is something that cannot be dublicated on earth, but again, hoaxers will cry fake. They are relentless with their lies and so called proof of a hoax. Also, in all the years, not one person ever came foward to expose the hoax. Why? It’s nonsense. Hoaxers think they are smarter than all the educated nasa scientists. Hope this helps you some.

  10. Hoaxers don’t have all their facts correct. I am still surprised at people who say the whole thing was fake. Russia was our main rival, and if they thought the us was faking anything, they would have be not on the hoax in a second! Why fake it, when you will eventually get caught., and look like a fool to the rest of the world? All the facts are available for anyone to look up, online, or history books. I bet the hoaxers will say the history books and the Internet are all fake, and filled with lies. I think some people are paranoid.

  11. Is this still going on? Look, this seems to be a circular argument in that no matter what gets presented as the truth it always gets refuted, usually by people with no more than basic arithmatic skills, no knowledge of physics and who still question the relevancy of algebra.

  12. The hoax theory falls apart fast, when you read the facts. There are so many people following these silly hoax theories, that are just plain stupid. Some have even said nasa killed some astronauts to keep them from talking. Wtf? Where is their evidence? They make it up! Any credible research will prove we landed on the moon, but of course hoaxers will say no, but let’s be honest, no amount of evidence will ever convince them. they need to get educated.

  13. @Mindy: You mention lead is used at the dentist’s office to protect you from the X-rays they are using. True. However, there are multiple kinds of radiation, and different types of shielding are used for each. For example, you have a window on the front of your microwave oven, right? It’s not made of transparent lead (doesn’t exist), so why aren’t you and everyone else who uses one either dead or sterile? Answer: microwaves are blocked in a different way than X-rays. Same for the radiation in the VA Belts. The type of particles that are there are better blocked by the metals used in the ship, and it doesn’t take super thick sheets of it to work. That, combined with the trajectory they used (thinnest part of the belt) and the speed they were going at, ensured a very small exposure. In fact, Dr. Van Allen himself said that the issue of the Belts and radiation harming the astronauts was ridiculous (you kind find the quote lots of places), and since he’s the one they were named after, I defer to him.

    As for the lighting not being bright enough, I will state that I am not, nor have I ever been, an expert on lighting and photography, so my answer is a layman’s. Have you ever stood outside under a full moon? It’s incredibly bright considering that the light you are being hit with is coming from a reflective surface 250,000 miles away. It’s bright enough to read by. And that’s allowing for the minor distortion from the earth’s atmosphere which would make the light dimmer. Ask yourself: if it’s that bright here on earth, how bright must it be at the source (i.e. the surface of the moon)? That’s why it APPEARS as if the light is wrong, but it’s not. It’s like being on the roof of a parking garage under bright sunlight – it’s blinding due to the reflected light off of the concrete. Plus, if you create a situation where you block as much light as possible from the top you can still see things under what’s blocking the sun. Why? Light reflected up from the surface.

  14. This may enlighten all of you.

    In 1958,Professor James Van Allen discovered his monster. Suddenly, his instrumentation warned of a giant beast of a thing, spewing enough deadly radiation counts to kill any human who ventured into its domain unprotected.

    Van Allen and his students weren’t sure of the size, shape and texture of the monster, they just knew they had encountered an incredible phenomenon.

    Then, in l958, as part of the International Geophysical Year (a year in which men like James A. Van Allen were praised for exploring the realms of time and space) the young professor asked the U.S. military to send his experiments deeper into space, this time using a Geiger Counter to measure the intensity of the radiation. He further requested the most sophisticated rockets that would penetrate l00,000 miles into space.

    That’s when the monster grew all encompassing. It appeared to surround the entire earth and extend out some 65,000 miles, maybe even 100,000 miles. The Geiger Counter confirmed that the region above the earth, and in the path of the rocket, was cooking with deadly radiation. That radiation was born from solar flares that would race through the universe and become trapped by the earth’s magnetic field. A deadly mixture of protons and electrons. During those years of the “moon flights” the sun flares were more massive and deadly.

    It was then that Van Allen realized the Aurora Borealis, the northern lights, was actually a visual manifestation of that tremendous energy from the sun. You could actually see the radiation swirling in a magnificent and deadly dance. His eventual finding of two such lethal radiation belts, put his name in the history books as the man who discovered the Van Allen Radiation Belts. There was an inner belt and an outer belt. The inner belt went from 40 degrees north and south of the Equator and was basically a doughnut surrounding the earth. Scientific experiments conducted by Van Allen and the military proved that belt was so deadly that no human could survive in its orbit. The outer belt was equally as destructive, and separated from the inner belt by an area of lesser radiation.

    Van Allen’s conclusion was delivered in a speech to the Academy of Science in 1959. He warned future space travelers they would have to race through these two zones on their way to outer planets.

    “All manned space flight attempts must steer clear of these two belts of radiation until adequate means of safeguarding the astronauts has been developed” he said. Moreover, Van Allen advised they would have to be shielded with some extra layers of protection beyond that of the spacecraft itself. These findings were also published in Scientific American Magazine, March, 1959.

    Two years later, Van Allen updated his report in Space World Magazine, December, 1961. In brief, he reported that everything he had found in 1959 was still valid. It was also in that year that President John F. Kennedy told an assembled group of students and dignitaries at Rice University in Houston, that it was America’s destiny to put a man on the moon by the end of the decade. With that statement, the space race become a political game, worth 30 billion in taxpayer dollars to the winners. National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA), which is part of the Department of Defense and the CIA, became the caretaker of Kennedy’s dream.

    It was their job to build a spacecraft that would meet Van Allen’s scientific requirements of safety through the radiation belts. Van Allen stated that the ship’s skin, made of aluminum, would not be enough protection for the astronauts. Extra shielding of lead or another substance that would absorb the radiation would be needed. That, of course, posed the problem of weight. More weight created a booster problem. In other words, they would need a bigger rocket to carry a ship that was properly lined against radiation penetration. One of the most interesting of Van Allen’s findings was that once protons and electrons hit the aluminum skin of the spacecraft, they would turn into x-rays. The kind the average dentist protects patients against with the lead vests. Those rays would naturally penetrate the astronaut’s bodies and create anything from nausea and vomiting to eventual death, depending on the length of the exposure. No astronaut will even talk about it.

    All of this scientific data presented a big problem for NASA. How could they build a spacecraft that would meet radiation standards and yet get off the ground?

    The National Committee on Radiation Protection (NCRP) and the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) had established low “permissible doses” of radiation at levels that were consistent with living on earth. However, where the critical dosage on earth might be 5 rems of radiation in a year, the astronauts would receive that amount within minutes passing through the lower zone of the radiation belt.

    In order to penetrate Van Allen’s belt, in l965 NASA requested the two regulatory groups modify the existing standards for space flight. It was simply a matter of “risk over gain” and NASA convinced them to change the standards and allow them to take the risk. Whether or not future astronauts would be advised of these dramatically lowered standards and substantial risk is unknown at this time.

    The next problem NASA faced was the shielding of the spacecraft. It was solved in a report NASA issued in Aerospace Medicine Magazine in 1965 and 1969. The report was written prior to the first Apollo mission to the moon.

    NASA announced that a simple aluminum skin on the command module was enough to protect astronauts from lethal doses of radiation. This conclusion was based on studies NASA had conducted. Now NASA had ingeniously solved their two basic problems, protection and weight. They had eliminated the danger of radiation penetration, along with the problem of radiation shielding and spacecraft weight. We telephoned North American Rockwell, the builder of the Command Module which carried the astronauts to the moon and back. They verified that the craft was not protected by any additional shielding.

    It was at this point in our research that we realized the Van Allen Report had been seriously compromised by NASA. Professor Van Allen had become an icon in the scientific community for warning of radiation dangers. One of his most important tenets was that even if you raced quickly through the 65,000 mile belt, which starts 400 miles above the earth’s surface (thus allowing for inner space travel) you would still need considerable additional shielding. Were his findings now bogus? We had to speak to Van Allen.

    Professor James A. Van Allen now 83, is Professor Emeritus in Geophysics at the University of Iowa. Our first question was why he did not speak up after NASA’s claims and defend his original findings. Astonishingly, he told us that his seminal Scientific American article
    in 1959 was merely “popular science.”

    “Are you refuting your findings?” we asked.

    “Absolutely not,” he answered, “I stand by them.” In the next breath, Van Allen again acquiesced to NASA’s point of view. He became positively mercurial in his answers. Basically he defended NASA’s position that any material, even aluminum without shielding, was adequate to protect the astronauts from the radiation he once called deadly. When we asked him the point of his original warning about rushing through the Belt, he said, “It must have been a sloppy statement.” So there we were, down the rabbit hole, chasing Van Allen through halls of mirrors. Was he taking the line of least resistance to government pressure? Was he trashing his own report in order not to be labeled a whistle blower? Could this renowned scientist actually be capable of a “sloppy statement” and blatant hyperbole published in a scientific journal?

    If you don’t believe we went to the moon, then you will say that NASA created the perfect cover story. It allowed them to continue receiving funding for a spacecraft they could not build, to enter a region of space they could not penetrate. If you believe we went to the moon, then you have to disregard Van Allen’s years of research and published findings. You would also have to believe that aluminum, and not lead, is adequate protection against radiation in the very heart of the Belt. . .exactly the spot where Apollo rocket ships entered from Cape Canaveral in Florida.

    We are exposed to 5 rems a year of radiation from the sun. The belts are at least 5 rems, with a supposid 2 hour duration to get through the belts, the astronauts would have been exposed to the equivalent of 2 years of radiation in those two hours. They would be french fries. Once the radiation hit the steel hull of the apollo, it would turn to x-ray. Why did Allen Bean and NASA say we have not yet been through the belts. The shadows, the lighting, the flag, all mean nothing. Interesting that Aldrin talked about seeing a monolith, hmm, they had been filming 2001 where the sets were still available for filming.

  15. Sadly, only the ignorant still try their best to deny a fact like the moonlandings. The scientists at nasa knew how to get past the belts by going through quickly, and also by picking a weak point to go through. No astranaut has ever had any serous side effects from traveling through the belts. Van Allen himself said they weren’t as bad as once thought. I love how people try to sound smarter than scientists with years of experience, many are self proclaimed experts who think they discovered a conspiracy which no one else was smart enough to find. Do you people really think nasa is that stupid? Get educated people.

  16. I have learned that some people just never will believe we landed on the moon. Evidence, facts, are meaningless. If people would only take time to research, they will find out they are wrong. Some still think the earth is flat, and that the government is secretly run by shape shifting lizards. It never ends! Conspiracy sites are filled with misleading information, but to hoax nuts, it’s all true. There is si much readily available facts to prove we landed on the moon six times, if only people would read and learn! Most of the time it’s foreigners that are the deniers, simply because they lack understanding.

  17. Oh, wow, this is the best explanation for why we DIDN’T go to the moon. I hadn’t really thought much about it and then I heard my buddies discussing the subject. At first I refused to participate in the discussion, then I started to really listen That’s how I found this site and saw all the comments. There’s the emotional side where everyone seems threatened by the mere thought of being lied to by our government, then once it sinks in, I realized how many more lies there are out there that we all believed. I did more research and realized that the photos taken by Curiosity on Mars, were really pictures of the landscape taken on Devon Island in Canada. I looked at the landscape on Devon Island on Google Earth and saw the same type pictures that NASA was featuring on their site.claiming it was on Mars. Gee wiz, one of the NASA photos claiming to have BEEN TAKEN ON MARS had a dead rodent it it, also in another photo there was a plank of wood. I though it was a mistake or something. I also watched the press conference with all the “top brass” from NASA celebrating the landing on Mars. The main guy was asked lots of reasonable questions, regarding the program used, the general coordinates/location of the landing, he couldn’t answer any of those questions. He kept looking out in the audience for the “specialist” who could answer those questions and no one came forward. The whole press conference was a sham. How could they be lying about all this? Our three celebrated astronauts appearing at their first press conference after WALKING ON THE MOON, looked guilty, paranoid, looked afraid to speak. This was a mind blowing experience for anyone, the whole world was celebrating and these three guys looked like they lost their best friend. I guess their best friend was “integrity”. I just can’t believe any of it any more. I am very angry. Thank you for letting me post.

  18. People that say the moonlandings were fake, are wrong. They try to appear smart by posting information that is filled with opinions and errors. Basically they think they are smarter than scientists with years of experience. Most of the time it’s non Americans who believe in the hoax, because they lack knowledge of space, physics, and photography. If they would just do some research they will easily see the conspiracy is all bs. Of course they continue on with their silly arguments that have all been disproven numerous times. Basically they are in denial of the truth, however, they don’t want to appear foolish, so they keep insisting there is a conspiracy that few know about. With all the evidence and facts, you still want to deny the truth? Well mainly it’s because they don’t understand, so that’s why they are skeptical.

  19. Mindy, it sounds like you are confused. There is lots of misleading information about nasa and the moonlandings. To deny the moonlandings is to deny fact. The van Allen belts aren’t as dangerous as hoaxers want you to believe. The scientists picked the thinnest parts of the belts and traveled thru quickly, to avoid any harm to the astranauts. Never mind all the lies from hoaxers trying to act like they know it all, they don’t. Most are in denial of anything they don’t understand, you listen to them, and they will have you believe humans can’t do anything.

  20. I’m not confused. The info I wrote about on the radiation levels are absolutely true. It only takes seconds to get X- rayed to death in that environment. So if it took the astronauts 2-3 hours to get through the belts -that’s dead. The problem is you are all referring to the NASA website, of course they’re going to lie. This is the biggest lie of the century. Interesting how the Hasselblad camera was touted as this really, really great camera which took many photos on the moon. This was a mind-blowing adventure and Hasselblad was boasting all over the place. . . except on they’re website. Not one mention of their camera having been “used on the moon”. Doesn’t that seem a bit odd?. They mention the Mercury in 1962. When the winner of the auction who bought the camera for $1 million dollars, finds out that this whole thing was a big hoax, there will be lawsuits. I noticed none of you even mentioned the valid points I made. You either called me names or implied that I don’t know what I’m talking about.. Only a very few people knew about the fake program, it was on a need-to-know basis, and very few were in that loop.. Even those in Mission Control were watching videos pre-filmed. The Apollo’s never left earths orbit. And no, I am not a foreigner and I’m not Asian.

  21. I’m not even going to discuss the van Allen belt radiation conspiracy theory. It’s been argued to death. And we have been sending spacecraft through these belts for 40 years and none of those spacecraft have ever detected lethal doses of radiation as stated above. But since although spacecraft have been from government agencies and people are convinced that those of the very same people who will lie to us, what purpose would it serve to convince them. However there is this: we have given hundreds of pounds of moon rocks to scientists all of the world. Many of those scientists work for governments that would have done anything in the world to call us liars. Not one of them ever did. Not a single one and if you believe for one second that they weren’t trying to then you all really do need your heads examined. Several countries now have spacecraft orbiting the moon and have independently photographed our garbage we left there including the booster stages of all the lunar module vehicles. Some of these countries like Russia and China would love to call us liars but none are. In addition the space program employed over 400,000 people. These were not all Americans. They were Australians and Germans and French and English and many other nationalities stationed around the world. In addition there were over 25,000 people with direct Access to anything that would prove the lunar landings were fake. Not a single one of them stated on their deathbed’s or before they left this earth independently that this was a fake. Have you ever tried to get 20 people to keep a secret even if you threaten their lives? Trying get half a million people to keep the secret to their deaths. Good luck with that . And with the thousands of people who have died since the lunar missions, not a single one on their deathbeds has said that these landings were fake. And the final reason which should be the nail in the coffin of this theory is just the fact that Fox news made a special about how they were fake is enough proof to me to be solidified in the truth that they were real. But I will grant you this, we now have easy and readily available technology to prove please landings were real and the first country that can prove that none of the stuff is on the moon will single-handedly ruined the entire United States of America, we won’t need the Republican Party to do it or fox.

  22. One more thing about people who think the photography was fake. There is a video on YouTube made by a very famous videographer that proves that we did not have the technology in the 1960s to fake the Moonlanding videos over 600 million people watched. He does not work for NASA or any government agency. I showed this video to a good friend of mine who is one of the lead Panaflex camera operators in the world and he confirmed that the video speaks the truth. I’m not calling anyone names. I’m not addressing anyone in particular. But when someone wants to believe a specific “truth” and ignores or refuses to for a moment consider any other possibility you have someone who lives in their own reality. And guess what, you are not invited into that world if you don’t believe their reality. All of those who have proof enough or have reasoned out the science and the stories to believe we went to the moon are investing their time into entertaining and analyzing those peoples reality. However those people if you noticed or not investing any time at all in entertaining Our opinions and our reality. Has anybody else noticed of this? This is not just with lunar landing conspiracy theories but with all conspiracy theories.

  23. Mindy Lang, all you’ve done is re-post The Van Allen Enigma by Phylis and James Collier, self proclaimed “science reporters”. If you are actually interested in particle physics and astroengineering, it’s never too late to enroll in at a university.

    Complex projects and endeavors are rarely explained through simple answers. Have you cared to actually examine the construction of the Lunar/Command modules? The hull isn’t simply “a thin layer of aluminum”.

  24. If radiation destroy human DNA and if the earth has a radiation shield around it how did the astronuts survive going to the moon?????

  25. Hoax of the century right mindy? Not a single person ever came foward to expose this “lie” all the history books would have to be in on it, all the other nations would never know right? No one is smart enough to figure it out right? The idea we never left earth orbit is wrong. The transmissions were tracked had these been from earth orbit, people would have known, and knew something was up. See hoaxers don’t see the big picture, they just lack understanding. So everything on nasal website is a lie right? Sure, because it’s all one big scam, which no one has figured out! Wow hoaxers need some better education. Conspiracy sites are filled with misinterpretations , and outright lies. That’s the problem, there were six missions to the moon, how did they fake all six and not get caught? Tell us. What happens when people find out? It’s so silly. The moonlandings are fact. Read, and learn, you will be surprised what humans are capable of. The radiation belts are dangerous, but not as bad as what hoaxers believe. They travelled through the thinnest part of the belts, and did it quickly. They were safe. Hoaxers over exaggerate the dangers of space. Remember these scientists and astronauts practiced on earth and studied for years, and denying the moonlandings is a slap in everyone’s face. It’s also silly, only kids think the moonlandings were faked, until they get better educated. The facts overshadow the hoax nonsense, which is so silly. How come Russia didn’t expose the us? Let me guess they are in on it too? We threatened them with nuclear war? It’s rediculous. Only the ignorant deny history. What does nasa do all day, nothing, is everything a hoax? If you take some time, and watch some conspiracy videos, you can easily debunk their findings. Many are just uneducated, and don’t know how the space program works. There are mirrors on the moon placed there by the astronauts, which are used to bounce lasers off here on earth. Of course theorists will cry hoax, and say they were placed there by machines. That’s the problem, people think everything nasa says is a lie, but ironically they believe conspiracies without question, such as the flag is waiving on the moon, there are no stars, in any photos, and the van Allen belts are impossible to pass. All are easily explainable, if people would even bother to listen. China has sent back pictures of the moon, let me guess, hoax too? No sense. The landings happened, it doesn’t matter if people aren’t convinced, it’s a part of history, they even had a few relives ion shows run tests and see if it could have been faked, and guess what they claimed you can replicate things here on earth, but that doesn’t mean it was filmed here. let me guess again…… Hoax? They were all paid to lie? No one came foward. Joe rogan from fear factor swore it was a hoax, then later he admitted he was wrong. People make mistakes, and believing in a hoax that’s not true is ok, it’s just a mistake. Some people just invested to much time in the hoax, so they can’t turn back now. No amount of evidence can convince a hoax believer. The Russians tracked our mission, they were our main competitor in the Cold War, they would have exposed us right away if they thought we faked it. Do some better research, you will find out the hoax theory is a hoax itself.

  26. Mindy, the belts can be dangerous, however the plan was to pick the weakest point of them, and pass through, so therefore only minimal shielding was needed on the space capsule. They also wanted to keep the capsule as light as possible, so people that say they needed feet of shielding are wrong. Long exposure to space radiation is deadly, but the key was to minimize their exposure to keep the astronauts safe. It was all planned well in advance, through studying of the van Allen belts. By the way there is tons of evidence to support the landings, hundreds of hours of videos, tons of pictures, and moonrocks. All fake? Nope it’s authentic.

  27. Mindy, I totally agree with you. All you need is a logical mind and common sense and some basic knowledge of Physics, you will agreed moon landing was a hoax.

  28. Anybody who believes outer space is there has been fully deceived that’s all. Only science is telling us that space is there,and they are doing things in it. Science is in place to mock God and his creation,it’s that simple. The earth is flat and not moving. Science says it is a sphere and is spinning. You are never able to prove that it is spinning or even feel it. You also need to remember all scientists are basically freemason’s,and they certainly can’t be trusted. Everyone needs to trust God,period. Not a bunch of quack scientists and the show they are giving us.

  29. Anybody that tells you they are doing anything in outer space is flat out lying to you. God never created outer space,therefore it is not there. Look at the fact that no real pictures taken in outer space anywhere.

  30. Thanks Tony, You sound so level headed and not prone to believing movies. :-)

    My husband has a 160 IQ, if you need tutoring in Physics, he’s your guy. He carefully studied the ins and outs of the belts and agreed with me that it was impossible for humans to get through alive. Impossible. IT NEVER HAPPENED!

    And yes, the astronauts were paid to lie. Look at their “excited, ecstatic” faces at their very first “historic press conference” wow. They look so overwhelmed and happy and had such quick answers, I was impressed by their enthusiasm to answer questions. NOT!

    Also all the original footage of the “moon landings” no longer exist. Deleted. Gone., NASA no longer has them.

    When it comes to science, there are no barriers between countries. Science takes a front seat and any hostilities are left in the parking lot. .The Russians beat us in every way in the space race, They launched the first man, woman, dog into space and returned them safely, and they successfully landed an unmanned ship on the moon.. They understood the beast called the Van Allen belts and had the smarts to NOT send a human through. They also succeeded in leaving reflectors, etc on the moon, although we don’t need them to “moon bounce”. signals. The secret is secure with the Russians, they will not speak of it. They knew they were the first. A lot of people’s lives were riding on remaining secret.

    Oh, yeah, the Swedes were gifted an “official” moon rock with a certificate. The “rock” turned out to be petrified wood. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

    Sorry to burst your bubble.

  31. You people talk of radiation belts,but how exactly is nasa (or anyone else) going to get through the Lord’s firmament? Epic space failure. Did you also know that all the us nuclear weapon test footage is fake? If nuclear weapons are real,why fake the footage?

  32. Wow some of the hoax believers really are lost. Where do you people get your so called facts from? So there are no pictures of space? What about the countless ones taken of the moon? What about the I.s.s. Is that a hoax too? Nope, but some hoaxers live in a world of denial. Religious fanatics don’t believe science, well they are wrong. Mindy, it doesn’t matter what your husbands iq is, even smart people make miscalculations. He’s wrong, there were six landings total, don’t believe it? Well sorry, but just because you believe it was a hoax, doesn’t mean it was. You are just unaware of what a good group of people and brilliant scientists can do. You say the astronauts acted funny? Well guess what they were in space pissing and shitting in a plastic bag, how would you feel? And where’s your proof? You have none, just speculation, which can easily be explained if you would only learn about the landings, get facts not info because you or you or your husband THINKS it was impossible. It’s a fact of history, there was no hoax! Hoaxers are the ones believing in lies, they just refuse evidence and fact. The moonhoax is the weakest of the theories, because it’s been debunked a million times. Still there are people who think they are smart, and say it was a lie. Very sad. One day you will realize just how wrong you are. Sorry to burst your bubble , we went to the moon . No one is arguing space is dangerous, or radiation, but its. hOW it was handled. The astronauts were safe because they traveled through the van Allen belts quickly, so they sustained minimal radiation. If your hubby is so smart he should do credible research and then he will find out he is wrong. See many people think they know how something works, but they don’t. That’s why they are in denial of the landings.

  33. I cannot believe people are still denying something that happened So many years ago. Steve sounds like a good man but some religions can cloud common sense. Science is real no one is denying God, however, the landings were real they happened, like it or not, ask people, read, learn what’s humans are capable of, don’t live in the lies of conspiracy theories.?they are theories for a reason, they are not fact and will never be proven. The Russians would have talked had we faked anything. Sorry to tell you. We did not have the technology to fake the landings. Look at the photos on the moon. See any stars? Nope and that’s proof alone we went to the moon. The cameras had to be ajusted to the settings for daylight. Remember it was daylight on the moon. The shudder speed was set to see the astronauts, so stars are to dim to be seen on film. See for yourself, take a pic at night of the sky and see how many stars you see. None. Hoaxers come up with some wild accusations, none which have any proof to support. Most make up lies simply because the are uninformed. They are the ones who need common sense. Look no one is saying to believe everything we are told, just do credible research, and you will see how stupid the hoax is. Many hoax nuts speak their opinions as fact, that’s wrong! Are all the moonrocks fake? No one has ever come foward to expose the cover up? Why? There was none, it’s real, and no amount of hoaxers claiming fake will change it. The nasa scientists are very smart, and have studied for years, they know what they are doing, not some conspiracy theorist with their lies and false claims. So many people ignore evidence and facts, I just don’t understand it. Some people just don’t understand every aspect of science and space travel. Are the space shuttle missions fake too? Is anything real at all? Can we do anything? Not according to some. I hope all you members of the flat earth society will finally learn some real facts, and get better knowledge of the mooandings. Here’s one for hoaxers. Watch the moo buggy as it kicks up dirt, the dirt falls up and straight down without forming clouds. Why? They are in a vacum. There is no air. Of course remember, hoax nuts have answers for everything, so it can fit in with their thesis, otherwise it’s rejected as a nasa lie. Sigh……. It doesn’t matter how smart someone is, you can still be wrong, einstein was wrong at times. It’s a little odd no one ever came foward about the so called hoax. Paid off? That’s silly and a lie. It’s a damn insult to everyone involved to call it fake, and you people should be ashamed. Mistakes happen, some footage was misplaced, and? Oh right it was done intentionally another sigh, well no one is perfect and the landings weren’t either, but they happened, and that’s a fact.

  34. Ahhh, yes. It is a firmament of great magnitude. God knew how to protect our earth from outside forces. This whole discussion makes us think more, and research more and ask more questions. Once I put my emotions aside (I was very upset to learn what I know now), my mind was changed forever. We see how we have been fooled in the past about a lot of things. Now I think we’re smarter and less trusting. Those who are intelligent will understand.

  35. Countless eyewitnesses independent tracking of the missions, hundreds of hours of video hundreds of photos, all ignored to believe some hoax that’s proven to be filled with misinterpretations and lies? Wow, people are sure misguided. There are also newer images from satellites showing the remains of the landings. Let’s see, I’m guessing the hoaxers will say, if nasa did it, it must be fake. Mindy seems hell bent on a hoax, but she’s incorrect. There are many hoax theories floating around about everything, the moonhoax is the silliest of them all. Russia new we landed, do you believe countries just took our word? They tracked the mission. They new if the transmission was from space, or the moon. Those theories about Russia in on the secret is just made of hoax garbage, with zero proof, just because someone Thinks it’s a hoax is irrelivent . Whenever there is a historical there will be people there to deny it ever happened, sooooo sad.

  36. the moon rocks were examined my countless labs, and scientists, none of them said the rocks were fakes, and not all were from nasa either. People seem to think they are experts in every file, and that they know more than the thousands who worked for the Apollo program. Nothing wrong with open minded as people claim, but FACTS not lunatic theories about some hoax is what’s important. Now is the earth really flat? Come on people! High iq scores are good, but that doesn’t mean you are a scientist, and understand everything the team at nasa had to endure. I know the landings were real through proper research. Facts and evidence win, hoax loses, no matter what story and made up facts theorists try to come up with. Russia didn’t call bs, they new we landed, they were paid to lie? Where’s the evidence? some nasa footage was magnetically erased, by mistake, but it was to save money some older footage is being remastered to give more clarity, but really, hoaxers will cry fake as soon as they see it. There are so many lies about the moon hoax it’s unreal, but I know everything was real, the actions made be the astronauts couldn’t have been faked, despite what hoax nuts say

  37. Hoax believers don’t bother to check all their facts. Mindy Lang, and other self appointed experts think they found all sorts of proof that nasa is involved in a cover up. Many of these accusations are simple misunderstandings and lack of knowledge. You can have a high iq, but if you were tested on a book you never read, unless you are an expert guesser you will fail a test about the book. Fair enough? I think so. There is so much ignorance amoung hoax believers. Unfortunately, many are gullible and believe conspiracy sites, yet ignore facts. If the capsule was simply orbiting earth, and didn’t leave orbit, it would have been noticed. Hoaxers ignore these issues. Or try to compensate by making up their own facts. Encyclopedias have great info on the moon landings, oh wait….. They are in on the hoax too right? Remember the moon is NOT the earth! Lighting is reflected from the moon dust and the sun. Most hoaxers also misunderstand the Van Allen belt. It’s HOW they went through it, that’s why they made six successful missions.

  38. Here’s a question: If the intent of NASA was to fake a manned lunar landing, why go to the seemingly elaborate process of conferring with a Geophysics scientist such as Van Allen? Why go the the exorbitant extreme of having another government bureaucracy lower the standards for human toleration of radiation at all? Is all of this just “cover”? It seems to me they could have skipped all of that and, if asked later, bring in their own “Geophysicist” to explain it in some other way that would be beyond question.

    Occam’s Razor: Among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected. Which has fewer assumptions? That NASA actually made not one, but several lunar landings over the course of a decade, or that NASA faked the landing, and managed to keep the secret until this day with literally thousands of people remaining silent and not 1 single person among that group coming out with a non-fiction, fact based “tell-all” book that points to hard,irrefutable facts that do not rely on circumstance, imagination, or supposition.

  39. @Henry

    Sorry I did not read your comment first, you basically covered everything and more level headed than myself :-)

  40. @Mindy Lang

    One final post, I swear.

    “Also, how were they able to film Armstrong disembarking from the craft with the camera way out from the craft? How did the camera get way out there on it’s own?”. Ever heard about a publicity stunt? Everyone and their mom knows that it was not the actual first step on the moon. Of course they would want to capture it as they did

    “In the 70’s I had the privilege of escorting James Irwin through Disneyland (as his VIP tour guide) and he was very hesitant to answer any questions about his walk on the moon”. Were all of your questions as absurd as your statements on your posts? I would be hesitant to interact with you as well.

  41. Hasn’t NASA come out and said that they can not go to the moon until the dangers of the Van Allen are fully assessed, a space suit is designed to handle the extremes in temperature on the moon’s surface, and finally a landing module needs to be designed so that astronauts can leave and enter without letting dust enter the module which would cause damage to the electronic componetry, if there was no dust protection. In 1969 these were not issues. The landing modules launch to reunite with the mother ship is perhaps one of the greatest achievements of the six manned moon landings. Yes Gravity is one-sixth the gravity of here on earth, but to launch off the moon and to reconnect with the mother ship will require me to get sum mor edumenacation to folly undamastand.

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