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Apollo 11: The Writings on the Wall

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Last year I wrote about the Armstrong purse, discovered by Neil Armstrong’s widow, Carol, in their home shortly after Neil’s death in 2012. That stowage bag of small (but historically significant) items from the first lunar landing was a reminder that the story of Apollo 11 continues to be told as new details emerge in   …Continue Reading

Remembering Astronautics and Museum Leader Frederick Clark Durant III

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We have a tradition at the National Air and Space Museum of recognizing the passing of aerospace leaders with a temporary memorial panel displayed for a time on the Museum floor. Once in a while, one of those individuals was not only a figure of some importance in the wider world, but someone of special   …Continue Reading

Remembering Robert Willard Farquhar

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Robert Willard Farquhar Mission Designer, Flight Director, Deep-Space Navigator 1932–2015 Known for devising innovative and intricate spacecraft trajectories, and for his whole-hearted dedication to robotic space exploration, Robert “Bob” Farquhar left a strong impression on the American space program. His career in aerospace began in the late 1950s, at the dawn of the age of   …Continue Reading

Remembering Frank E. Petersen Jr.

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Frank E. Petersen Jr. 1932–2015 First black U.S. Marine Corps pilot The first black Marine Corps pilot and general officer, Frank E. Petersen Jr. died on August 25 at the age of 83. Born in racially segregated Topeka, Kansas, Petersen decided to join the Navy at age 18 after hearing about the Korean War combat   …Continue Reading

Remembering Marat N. Tishchenko

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Marat N. Tishchenko Helicopter Designer 1931–2015 Marat Tishchenko developed helicopters that have affected the course of international affairs around the globe for five decades. He oversaw development for the most prolific designs to emerge from the Soviet Union’s Mil design bureau, and succeeded Mikhail Mil as the bureau’s chief designer in 1970. His greatest achievement   …Continue Reading