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Models on the Move: Rehousing 800+ Models from the Collection

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You may be surprised to know that in addition to the largest collection of authentic aviation- and space-related artifacts in the world, our Museum also has an impressive model collection. Our model collection contains more than 5,700 models of aircraft, balloons, and more. Nearly 1,100 of those models are on display at our Museum and   …Continue Reading

A Year in Review – 2015

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It’s a tall order to sum up the past year at the National Air and Space Museum in a simple list. We’ve hosted astronauts and record breakers, we’ve moved and conserved dozens of artifacts as we transformed the Boeing Milestones of Flight Hall (and discovered some incredible things in the process), and held programs that illuminated the   …Continue Reading

An Elegant Projector for a Civilized Age

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Today, Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens will officially open in our two IMAX theaters (and around the world). Our Airbus IMAX Theater at the Udvar-Hazy Center features one of the most advanced projection rooms in the world, with twin 4k laser projectors (always two, there are, for 3D presentations) and a 12-channel   …Continue Reading

Discover Your Place in Aerospace with Mobile Missions

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The Museum just launched a new pilot project to help visitors discover what it takes to succeed in the aerospace field and to help us better understand the visitor experience. Mobile Missions is our first app for teens and adults, for those still deciding on a career, or even those wondering what their current jobs   …Continue Reading

A Surprise Call From Space

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It’s not a typical afternoon at work when you answer the phone and hear, “Hey, Dr. Neal. It’s Kjell Lindgren calling from the International Space Station.” Thus began a 15-minute surprise call from the ISS Expedition 44-45 NASA astronaut. Lindgren just wanted to say that he had with him the Museum flag and Gemini IV patch   …Continue Reading