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Tricking and Treating in the Collection

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NASM 9A 03942, Smithsonian, National Air and Space Museum Archives

Cecil “Teddy” Kenyon (1905-1985), on the left, and her husband Theodore “Ted” Whitman Kenyon (1899-1978) were a flying family – when they weren’t trick-or-treating, as this 1940s photograph from their collection in the Museum’s Archives Division shows. Teddy learned to fly from Ted, a pilot with Colonial Airlines and inventor, in 1929.  She was a charter member of the Ninety-Nines, the preeminent women’s pilot organization, and won the National Sportswomen Flying Championship in 1933. She later flew with the Civil Air Patrol, and was a test pilot for Grumman Aircraft during World War II – flying, among other planes, the F6F Hellcat – which makes the Kenyons’ choice of Halloween costumes fairly appropriate. In 1960, Teddy earned her helicopter pilot’s license and was still flying well into her 70s.

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3 thoughts on “Tricking and Treating in the Collection

  1. I work at Kenyon Laboratories, where we carry on the production of Ted Kenyon’s lasting invention of the gyro stabilizer, the aerial photographers best friend. Ted and Teddy were very special and talented people who should never be forgotten. How I wish I could have met them!

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