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Check Out Our New Website for Some Fresh Air and Space

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Monday, we launched the new National Air and Space Museum website. We’ve given the site an extreme makeover and are very excited to launch this revitalized online presence. This digital “renovation” was completed in-house by our Web & New Media Department with tremendous support from many contributors and stakeholders across the Museum. What‘s new about   …Continue Reading

Sally Ride: First U.S. Woman in Space, and More

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To mark the thirtieth anniversary of Sally Ride’s historic first spaceflight, here is an updated version of a previous post. Sally Ride was the first American woman in space. As she became the first American woman in space in June 1983, Sally Ride’s presence on Challenger for the seventh space shuttle mission truly was a   …Continue Reading

American Military Aviation in the Interwar Years and After: Some Historical Reappraisals

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In 1987, the historian Michael S. Sherry published a groundbreaking and controversial book titled The Rise of American Air Power: The Creation of Armageddon (Yale UP, 1987). Sherry in effect reinterpreted the history of American air power in a way that was more contextually based and fiercely critical. The result was not to every military   …Continue Reading

Solar Impulse

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What flies using power from the Sun, at the speed of an ultralight, on wings longer than a Boeing 777 airliner? Answer: Solar Impulse! A team of Swiss entrepreneurs, engineers, pilots, and enthusiasts began to design the Solar Impulse in 2003 with the goal to demonstrate flying day-and-night powered only by the electricity that more   …Continue Reading