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Ten Events of Great Significance in Space Exploration during the Twenty-first Century’s First Decade

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As the first decade of the twenty-first century comes to a close—I know that one could make the case that the first decade ended in 2009 but we had this argument during Y2K and I’m not going to rehash it here—what might we consider the ten most important events in space exploration and discovery? Everyone   …Continue Reading

Lion Cubs? Yeah, We’ve Got Lion Cubs, Too.

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Ever since our colleagues over at the National Zoo introduced their seven beautiful lion cubs to the public, some of the staff here at the National Air and Space Museum have been feeling a bit envious. Yes, we have priceless historic artifacts like the 1903 Wright Flyer and the Spirit of St. Louis; but lacking   …Continue Reading

Santa’s Balloons and Arctic Airships

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Although the reindeer-powered sleigh is the form of transportation most usually associated with Santa Claus, the right jolly old elf displays an unexpected interest in lighter than air flight by launching festive fire balloons over the North Pole while a polar bear watches admiringly. Santa wasn’t the last to attempt an LTA mission to the   …Continue Reading

Rutan Voyager

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On December 23, 1986, nine days, three minutes, and 44 seconds after taking off, Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager touched down at Edwards Air Force Base, CA, in the Rutan Voyager aircraft to finish the first flight around the world made without landing or refueling.  Rutan’s brother Burt had designed Voyager but it was the   …Continue Reading

Imaging the Lunar Eclipse

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I was pleasantly surprised when the clouds rolled out and the weather turned out to be favorable for the total lunar eclipse last night!  After work, I went home for a quick nap and put on layers and layers of clothing to help me brave the cold on the eve of the winter solstice.  Friends   …Continue Reading