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Tricking and Treating in the Collection

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Cecil “Teddy” Kenyon (1905-1985), on the left, and her husband Theodore “Ted” Whitman Kenyon (1899-1978) were a flying family – when they weren’t trick-or-treating, as this 1940s photograph from their collection in the Museum’s Archives Division shows. Teddy learned to fly from Ted, a pilot with Colonial Airlines and inventor, in 1929.  She was a   …Continue Reading

Hiding in Plane Sight

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At this time of year when apparitions and fanciful creatures stroll sidewalks in search of treats, it’s a good time to remember that not all aircraft are what they seem. In World War One, observation balloons were the bane of the battlefield.  Under their prying eyes, it was hard to surprise someone on the other   …Continue Reading

Runaway Balloons

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The afternoon of October 15, 2009 was one of those rare moments when Americans from coast-to-coast were riveted to their television sets by a news story unfolding in real time.  Six year old Falcon Heene was reported to be trapped aboard a helium balloon floating across the Colorado landscape at 7000 feet. The image on   …Continue Reading

Fly Now! Making the National Air and Space Museum's Poster Collection Accessible, Online

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As mentioned in Dom Pisano’s recent post “From Collecting to Curating,” six interns, including myself, and two volunteers (with our supervisor, enough for a baseball team!) photographed, scanned and catalogued much of the museum’s collection of over 1,300 posters at the Paul E. Garber Facility‘s collections processing unit this summer. It sounds like a lot   …Continue Reading

A Beautiful Bird Grounded

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When you visit the Udvar-Hazy Center and see the Air France Concorde on display, it’s hard to believe such a beautiful “bird” is no longer in service. I remember the day it flew into Dulles Airport on its final flight in June 2003, and how modern and elegant it looked as it landed. Once on   …Continue Reading