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Personal Connections Make the Museum Meaningful

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Confession: I used to think airplanes were boring. When I left my home in Tucson, Arizona this May to begin a summer internship at the National Air and Space Museum, I thought that air and space history had nothing to do with me. And, I must confess, I had very little interest in them, either.   …Continue Reading

The Day I Met a Communist Defector

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When you are visiting the Udvar-Hazy Center, you will come across a display case that holds the flightsuit of a former MiG pilot named Frank Jarecki. It is located just in front of the Museum’s MiG in the Cold War Aviation area. Jarecki is not exactly a household name, I know, but someone with a   …Continue Reading

Q. and A. in the Archives Division

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It was about twenty years ago, but no one in the Museum’s Archives Division can now remember who first asked us the immortal question – what‘s the wingspan of a Lockheed P-38 Lightning? The answer, by the way, is fifty-two feet – exactly. It’s a classic example of the countless “ready reference” questions that have   …Continue Reading