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One Way Museum Visitors Help Develop Exhibitions

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Last week we began evaluating the first of four new computer interactives that will go into the upcoming “Moving Beyond Earth” exhibition. Visitors got to test their space knowledge with a simulation of Space Flight Academy, a quiz format that will allow up to fifteen people to play at a time. Over the next month   …Continue Reading

Apollo 11 and the World

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Forty Years ago on July 20 the world stopped for a brief instant to witness a remarkable accomplishment, the first instance in which humanity set foot on another body in our solar system. It was a remarkable time. Launch of Apollo 11. NASA Photo. When the Apollo 11 spacecraft lifted off on July 16, 1969,   …Continue Reading

Countdown to the Moon, Thursday, July 16

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Regular summer visitors to the National Air and Space Museum are familiar with the Museum’s popular event, Mars Day. This year, Mars is taking a backseat to allow us to honor the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing with Countdown to the Moon Day. The day will be filled with interesting and fun   …Continue Reading

My Three Days on the Moon

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What will the astronauts who return to the Moon with NASA’s Constellation program drive? I had a chance to find out last October as a member of NASA’s Desert Research and Technology Studies (Desert RATS) during the field test of the Lunar Electric Rover (LER) at Black Point lava flow in Arizona. During the first   …Continue Reading

Dome In A Day: Progress on the Public Observatory Project

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[youtube=] The Public Observatory Project (POP) is nearer to completion.  We are in the process of installing a large professional Boller & Chivens telescope in a 22-foot dome that will be available for four hours each day (weather permitting) to view the Sun, Moon and planets from the east terrace of the Museum. POP will   …Continue Reading