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Able and Baker

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Baker, a squirrel monkey, perches on a model of the Jupiter missile that launched her into space on a sub-orbital flight, along with a rhesus monkey named Able, on May 28, 1959 – fifty years ago.  Fruit fly larva and sea urchin eggs also accompanied Able and Baker, who both survived the flight; Able, though,   …Continue Reading

Are You a Star Trek-ophile?

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It is always fun when a new Star Trek feature film comes out. I am old enough (barely) to remember the original series and how exciting it seemed at the time, as well as how corny it so often looks today. I waited with excitement for every one of the Star Trek films to appear with   …Continue Reading

It's a Wrap!

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Maybe it was director Shawn Levy’s dimpled grin as he talked about featuring the Smithsonian in his new movie. Or perhaps it was producer Tom Hammel’s description of how they planned to reunite Amelia Earhart with her beloved Lockheed Vega in the Museum. In any case, when the crew from Night at the Museum: Battle   …Continue Reading

The challenge of exhibiting "space"

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Photo by Tim Grove Watching the broadcast of the Space Shuttle Atlantis lifting off into the blue sky last week brought back memories of a research trip to the Kennedy Space Center last fall.  National Air and Space Museum staff members are hard at work on a new exhibition about the history of the space shuttle   …Continue Reading