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The View from the Tail Turret

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NASM 9A04899 When Eighth Air Force gunner Art Krieger turned his camera on one of the other Consolidated B-24 Liberators in his squadron’s formation, he probably didn’t realize he was making a self-portrait. Swathed in heavy flight gear, his oxygen mask firmly in place in the thin air at an altitude of 20,000 feet, Krieger’s   …Continue Reading

The Mutual Concerns of Air and Space Museums

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Every spring, the National Air and Space Museum hosts a conference for other air and space museums to discuss our “mutual concerns.” The conference gathers representatives of over one hundred such museums, sometimes from as far away as Poland and Australia, and allows participants to communicate on best practices, innovative educational programs, and keeping our   …Continue Reading

Climate Change and Spaceflight: Is There A Connection?

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I was struck by the relationship between climate change and spaceflight while rereading lately Jared Diamond’s fascinating 2004 book, Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed. The broad premise of Diamond’s book is that societies have collapsed many times in the past and that we may understand how and why this occurred. He contends   …Continue Reading